Music Album – J.I.D DiCaprio 2 [Nov 26, 2018 ]

J.I.D DiCaprio 2 Album Download

Hello friends another album of this week, Yes J.I.D’s second commercial project named “DiCaprio 2″ is going to release on November 2, 2018.It is also the sequel of his last 2015 EP “DiCaprio”.

Both projects are named after Leonardo DiCaprio, who J.I.D has frequently indicated is his favorite actor.The Atlanta rapper made album with producers like J. Cole, Wondagurl, ChaseTheMoney and the late Mac Miller have all contributed to the 14-track album.


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DiCaprio 2 – November 26 – My birthday gift to y’all for being patient 😈

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Best single song of DiCaprio 2 “151 Rum,” , was released on September 19, 2018 And the album’s second single song, “Off Deez,” which is collaboration of J. Cole, was released on November 6, 2018.Another song on the album, “Hasta Luego,” was released on June 29, 2017, as a throwaway from The Never Story, but it was included on DiCaprio 2 as a bonus track.

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J.I.D DiCaprio 2 Album Tracks And Production Details:

1. “Frequency Change” (Produced by Christo)
2. “SlickTalk” (Produced by EWonder and Kenny Beats)
3. “Westbrook” (Produced by Christo)
4. “OffDeez” (Produced by ChasetheMoney)
5. “151 Rum” (Produced by Christo and Nice Rec)
6. “OFFdaZoinkys” (Produced by Christo)
7. “WorkingOut” (Produced by 2thirty5)
8. “Tiiied” (Produced by Elite and Ron Gilmore)
9. “Skrawberries” (Produced by J. Cole, Mac Miller, Masego and Ron Gilmore)
10. “Hotbox” (Produced by Skye Hutch and Zorro)
11. “MountedUp” (Produced by Hollywood JB and Christo)
12. “JusttheOther” (Produced by Bobby Kritical)
13. “DespacitoToo” (Produced by Frankie P)
14. “Hasta Luego” (Produced by Wondagurl and CuBeatz)


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🥁🎷🎺🎸🎼nov26 #dicaprio2 Production on #Dicaprio2 nov26 1. Frequency Change – Christo @tischristo 2. SlickTalk – EWonder, Kenny Beats @kennybeats 3. Westbrook – Christo @tischristo 4. OffDeez – ChasetheMoney @chasethemoneychasethemoney 5. 151rum – Christo @tischristo , Nice Rec @nicerecordwork 6. OFFdaZoinkys- Christo @tischristo 7. WorkingOut – 2thirty5 @2.thirty.5 8. Tiiied – Elite @elitethatsme Ron Gilmore 9. Skrawberries – JCole, Mac Miller, Masego, Ron Gilmore @masego 10. Hotbox – Skye Hutch @SkyheHutch & Zorro @prodZorro 11. MountedUp – Hollywood JB @swingmanjb , Christo @tischristo 12. JusttheOther – Bobby Kritical @bobbykritical 13. DespacitoToo – Frankie P. @uptownfrankiep 14. Hasta Luego – Wondagurl @wondagurl + CuBeatz @cubeatz

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